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The 2017 Friday Night Lights 10k will serve as the 2017 USTF-NE Outdoor Track and Field 10,000m Championship. This year's event will include open sections as needed and the much anticipated Men's and Women's Elite sections to cap off the night! Prize money and time bonus money is up for grabs!

In addition to our 10k races we will be having a mile team competition. Teams must be made up of USATF club runners with valid 2017 USATF Memberships and will be scored using lowest total time of the top FOUR members of each men’s and women’s team. There will be a Men’s and Women’s Seeded heat of the mile sections, and then coed open sections based on time as needed. The mile races will not be associated with the USATF-NE Outdoor Track and Field Championships as the 10k is. Unattached entries with or without USATF memberships will also be accepted.


The 2017 Friday Night Lights elite 10,000m sections are brought to you by McKirdy Trained.

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10,000m Open Heat 2

Check-in from 5:40-5:55PM


Open Mile Heats (3 to 1)

Check-in from 6:40-7:25PM


10,000m Open Heat 1

Check-in from 7:20-7:35PM


Women’s Elite Mile

Check-in from 8:00-8:15PM


Men’s Elite Mile

Check-in from 8:10-8:25PM


Women’s Elite 10,000m

Check-in from 8:20-8:35PM


Men’s Elite 10,000m

Check-in from 9:00-9:15PM

* The above is an estimated schedule. The meet will operate on a rolling basis. Please be prepared for the schedule to adjust slightly as the meet progresses.


Preregistration has closed. Day of registration opens at 5:15PM.
Day of entry is only available for the Open Heat 2 of the 10k unitl 5:45PM ($30) and Open Heat 3 of the mile until 6:45PM ($25).

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1st place


2nd place


3rd place



1st place


2nd place


3rd place



MILE: $75 if sub 4:06.0 for men and sub 4:50.0 for women and top 3 overall place

10K: $75 if sub 29:30.0 for men and sub 34:45.0 for women and top 3 overall place